Explosion-proof electric hoists (ATEX) VVAT series

VVAT explosion-proof hoists are electric lifting and load handling devices, characterized by their compact construction. They are designed both to be used independently and to be integrated into various assemblies and systems. The VVAT line has been developed in response to the needs of global clients and conforms to the latest trends in the design of lifting machinery, complying with international standards ISO, FEM and other regulatory requirements.

  • Potentially hazardous environment, classification Ex (d) II BT5; Ex (d) II CT5 according to the guidelines established in the EN 5080 standard.
  • Environment with normal and moderate chemical conditions.
  • Temperature range from -25ºC to +40ºC.
  • Relative air humidity: 80% at a temperature of 20ºC.
  • Installation possible both indoors and outdoors, as long as it is protected under a roof.


  • Explosion-proof electric wire rope hoist, fixed


  • Explosion-proof wire rope electric hoist with monorail trolley.


  • Electric wire rope hoist with single rail trolley, reduced height.


  • Explosion-proof wire rope electric hoist with double rail trolley.

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