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More than four decades of experience

DIEXA, S.A. is a company with more than forty years of experience in the maintenance sector specializing in lifting and transport. We have achieved great success both nationally and internationally thanks to our excellent value for money and our speed in supply and after-sales assistance. We are proud to be recognized as a benchmark for most overhead crane manufacturers.

Quality Products

Regarding our products, we offer a wide variety of electric hoists. Our "EB" and "BYC" series of electric chain hoists adapt to the specific needs of each client, with load capacities ranging from 125 to 2,000 kilos.

For heavier loads, we have the "VAT" series of electric wire rope hoists, available from 1,000 to 65,000 kilos. These hoists offer different execution options, such as fixed-legs, normal monorail trolley or reduced height, and double rail trolley. In addition, we offer options in branches, lifting speed and translation, among others.

We also supply components for overhead cranes, including motorized ends, motor-reducers and heads. These components, together with our electric hoists, make up a complete kit for the manufacture of overhead cranes and other lifting and handling structures.

All our products are designed and manufactured following FEM regulations and BS EN ISO9001:2000 quality standards. We seek robustness and reliability in each of our products. All motors, both for elevation and translation, have a conical rotor and mechanical brake.

At DIEXA, S.A., we care about our customers and we offer immediate delivery of all spare parts for hoists, both "VAT" and "BALKANCAR" chain and cable, as well as the necessary components. We want to make sure that our clients can count on us at all times.

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